La La Vasquez continues to make moves professionally and personally. Not only is she on the cover of JET magazine, she also did a spread for YRB this week.  Our friends at BOSSIP had this to report: 

On Being A Producer:

I actually don’t find it harder earning respect [as a woman]. I think when it comes to producing, the work speaks for itself.

On Being An Actress:

The ideal role I’d like to play is something super dramatic and borderline scary. Like Kathy Bates in Misery

On Being A Wife:

I’ve been with Melo for seven years. Married life has definitely been great so far.

On Being A Mother:

Everyone who works with me knows that having time with my son and my family always comes before everything.

 La La has a new reality TV special to premiere on VH1 this Sunday at 10:30pm. Check out the trailer below!

…speaking of fabulous, Brandy is on the next DWTS season premiering September 20th. She looks amazing, peep the vid below!