I recently told you guys that “Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams’ husband Eric Williams supposedly had a kid with another woman, well the woman whose name is Brandy decided to tweet Jennifer a pic of her 18 month old son Jaden just to confirm that the baby does exist:

“The case has been in court for over a year,” read the second tweet with a photo.

Sources say:

“Brandy has been through a lot the past 2 years. As a single mother to her only son, Jayden, she has had no help and supports him on her own. She hopes that the paternity case will conclude soon so she can get the support she needs to provide the best for him. Eric has failed to take 2 court issued paternity tests so far. I think he is a dead beat dad that only wishes to keep Brandy quiet in hopes of landing a reality show spin off from Basketball Wives. Twitter may not have been the best outlet but Brandy feels that Jennifer should know the truth. Brandy’s situation is very sad, I mean if your baby daddy was on TV flossing his money and his wife then tells you he is broke and can’t pay child support, how would you feel? He needs to step up and be a real man and acknowledge his son. I mean he is a retired washed out basketball player, he should have more than enough time to take the test and prove he is the father.”


Did Jennifer Williams’ Husband Eric Have a Baby with Someone Else?

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How do you guys feel about this story? What are your thoughts and responses to the drama, the new baby and your feelings towards Eric and Jennifer?

Should she really end all ties with Eric? Let us know what’s on your mind by posting in the comments section below.

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