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A few weeks ago I got word that Keyshia & Nicki Minaj were teaming up to do a song together, what I didn’t hear was that the two almost got into a fight!! . According to a reliable music A industry insider, rapper Nicki Minaj and R&B singer Keyshia Cole got into a PHYSICAL FIGHT three weeks ago inside of a Los Angeles recording studio.

According to’s snitch here’s what went down:

The two were supposed to be recording a song together when some words were exchanged – between Keyshia and one of the guys with Nicki

The insider explained, “Someone said something out of line to Keyshia, and she wasn’t going to stand for that. Then Nicki got involved and it was MAYHEM.”’s snitch continued, “Keyshia was ready to fight and there was a lot of people in each others faces and pushing, but no punches were actually exchanged.”

And when we asked the insider, who THEY believed backed down from the physical fight – the insider responded, “Definitely Nicki, Keyshiai was ready to [get it POPPIN].”

Ladies, can’t we all just get along!!!

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