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Ok, seriously, I could’ve sworn we’ve heard something like this before, but it looks like our ‘Idol’ superstar Fantasia is making headlines again for some dirt and this time it has all been recorded and documented.

So here’s the scoop as things get down and dirty in North Carolina where a woman claims R&B singer Fantasia Barrino engaged in an affair with her husband. Paula Cook, who also separated from her husband, Antwaun Cook, this past June filed documents seeking child custody of their two children, alimony and other monetary support.

The story really gets juicy as reports are unveiled that Fantasia and Cook at times recorded their illicit sexual activity. According to the documents associated with Ms. Cook’s cliams, Fantasia was even involved in a verbal confrontation via telephone interrupting a conversation between the Cooks shortly after their separation.

When rumors of this alleged story broke out last November, folks were up in arms over it. Fantasia, her record label representatives and even those in her inside camp reportedly had nothing to say, but shortly thereafter wasn’t it quite ironic that we started seeing Fantasia’s highly publicized new tattoo? You know the one we’re talking about – a large tattoo on her left shoulder that actually reads “Cook.” Call me blind, but it still seems as though the girl got inked and brought this mess on herself if it’s true.

Lord knows we love us some Fantasia, but this is so not good with her junior album release right around the corner. Or is it still coming out this year? Fantasia, we hope you’re reading. Please get someone in PR to fix this. Mega damage control is needed if you’re ready to return to the top of the charts. Stay out of the headlines for stuff like this. We are worried about you girl.

What do you all think Fantasia fans? Let us know what’s on your mind. Do you believe the hype? Check out the additional reports on the alleged affair by visiting CNN.com today. Keep your eyes on this one because it’s bound to get messy if you ask me.

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