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This afternoon’s crime report stems from right in many your own backyards as a young fugitive has been subdued by the police at the top of this week.

18-year-old Christopher Kinsey has been arrested after leading the police on a wild goose chase yesterday. What exactly took place? Gunshots.

Officers were called to Lincoln Heights (near the intersection of Dixie and Taylor Court) just before 10:00PM on Sunday.

When officers arrived and apprehended Kinsey for question, he decided to run on foot leading the police through a church parking lot and into the Centennial Estate Apartment Complex where he jumped the fence, exposing a handgun in his pants.

The loaded handgun was later discovered and so was Kinsey (in a hallway inside the apartment complex). He is now in custody at the Hamilton County Justice Center and faces charges of obstructing official business and carrying a concealed weapon.

Lord have mercy, are you kidding me? I am disturbed that this young man actually thought he’d be able to get away from the scene fast enough and that he was carrying a loaded handgun. Was it nerves? Did he have a license to carry the gun? Who knows, but what we do know is that this young man has sealed himself into some serious trouble.

Any Lincoln Heights residents out there who care to chime in on this story? For more coverage, please visit WCPO.com today and lets us know what’s on your mind concerning our neighborhoods, our safety and the generation we’ve raised as criminals. Are they a lost cause? No, but something must be done and it starts with each of us.

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