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If anyone has been wondering where in the world our girl Faith Evans has been, let’s press rewind on our R&B reports for the day. If I’m not mistaken, Faith Evans disappeared from the game for awhile after she began making headlines for everything but her music.

In the past decade Faith Evans was on a roll. From alleged drug usage, arrests and drama at home with the hubby, it seemed that our R&B diva was headed down the wrong path. She dropped her last full length album The First Lady, which everybody I know has slept on the entire record since it hit shelves, back in 2005. Man that seems so long ago, right?

Furthermore, the singer/songwriter turned superstar also released that album just at the peak of music industry shakeups and delivered an awesome collection of music under the Capitol Records imprint.

After remaining very low key for awhile, Faith Evans suddenly reappeared out of thin air with a biographic book called Keep the Faith: A Memoir in August of 2008. The book detailed the highs and lows of the singer’s life, but also shed light on Evans’ controversial relationship with her late husband, the Notorious B.I.G.

Fast forward to today and we’ve got our hands on some of best news we’ve heard in awhile concerning Faith Evans. She’s back, but in a way you might have never guessed. Check out the exclusive video below featuring an interview with the R&B diva who’s triumphant return really means so much to many of us who have loved her from day one.

Now what do you think of this announcement? Are you an R&B junkie like the crew here? I’m excited to see Faith Evans back on top because half the time the media rips this girl apart, or at least they were when they should’ve been focusing on the music a few years ago. Faith is known for hits and she’s got a voice that’s not only distinctive, but highly influential when it comes to some of these young stars like Keyshia Cole, Melonie Fiona and others.

Where would R&B be today without this 90s soul siren’s impact, her voice and her talent with a pen and pad? Mad props to my girl Faith Evans. Can’t wait to hear and see you again in the spotlight, but this time on your own terms. Do it big ma, we love you and we miss you even more!

What are your individual thoughts? Share them with us by posting in the comments section below or by rating your level of interest in today’s R&B coverage, too.

Everybody don’t forget to cop the album Something About Faith on September 14th from Faith Evans. We’ll be waiting!

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