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This past holiday weekend should’ve been a time of rest and relaxation, but for a local teen shelter in Avondale currently under repair, the Fourth of July weekend proved to be yet another obstacle in the efforts to get the operation up and running.

Erin Clarke, a 20-year expert in dealing with troubled teens, recently began developing the idea for a teen shelter called “My Sister’s Home,” a development intended to help and encourage our young women ages 12 to 18 to grow into independent and productive citizens. Many who were homeless and living ill-disciplined lifestyles were in need of mental health help as well as assistance to gain valuable resources in the community, according to Clarke.

The center, located at the corner of Washington and Glenwood Avenues in Avondale was donated and had just begun the process of rehabilitation for an upcoming grand opening. However this weekend, someone vandalized the entire facility leaving a wall busted out, copper pipes stolen plus both plumbing and electrical wiring ripped out. Reportedly sinks, toilets and a few kitchen appliances were also stolen.

Clarke and the facility’s group of dedicated volunteers are not giving up and are expected to begin the clean up process in addition to seeking donations for additional materials to repair the building. Contractors and more volunteers are needed however to get things up and running sooner rather than later.

For the entire story, check out the article on WCPO.com and tell us what you think by posting your comments or rating the story below. Now who would do such a thing and for what reason? Do you think the materials stolen from the teen shelter will show up soon or do you believe someone has already taken advantage of the opportunity to sell the stolen items? What can each of us do to support and help My Sister’s Home open soon?

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