Black History Month

That sounded like it hurt so bad though. I feel like this guy did the right  thing to be honest though. Is whooping a kid who stole from you instead of taking him to jail right or wrong? source 


Extraordinarily talented Dreamville/Roc Nation artist J.Cole is truly in a league of his own and he proved as much yet again by keeping a promise to…

A teen named Adaezia Flowers, 20, was shot while sitting in a car at Moosewood Avenue and Beekman Street. Cincinnati this violence has got to stop. This is just sad. Adaezia was active in her community. Adaezia Flowers was a college student and was involved in the Avondale Youth Council for years. So let us continue to pray […]


At NewsOne, we believe that the child who reads is the child who leads. In keeping with that idea, we decided this summer to take…

  Down in the good city of Turlock, Calif a young teen at Pitman High School student performed “Billie Jean” for his school’s talent show. I must say this young lad has MJ down almost perfect. the Moonwalk seals the deal. Check out  the highlights of the various students that performed. READ MORE   


Things like this make me so mad especially when you are supposed to trust officers. I wont ruin the story for you but I will say that someone is lying and their is footage to prove it. Click below and see who is in the wrong this time. source

Music & Entertainment

I remember exactly where I was the first time B2K debuted their single “Uh-Huh” on 106 & Park. I was 12 in my bed and in the midst of losing my barely teenage mind over the sexiest black boy band of my time. The next day in school my friends and I chose the member […]


13-year-old Samiesha Adme has reportedly been missing since approximately 6:45PM Sunday, July 18th. Police say she was last seen in the 1500 block of Pullan Street in Northside. She is believed to now be somewhere in the Cheviot/Price Hill area. Adme was last seen wearing a turquoise and white shirt with blue jean shorts and […]


This past holiday weekend should’ve been a time of rest and relaxation, but for a local teen shelter in Avondale currently under repair, the Fourth of July weekend proved to be yet another obstacle in the efforts to get the operation up and running. Erin Clarke, a 20-year expert in dealing with troubled teens, recently […]

Via:Thisis50 A 17 year old fan hopped on the field at the Philadelphia Phillies vs St Louis Cardinals game last night (Monday 5-03-2010). The guy was just having some fun by running around, but he was interrupting the game. So security came out to catch and remove him from the field. The only problem was […]

Cincy A Hamilton teenager was suspended for getting a haircut shaped like a Bengals helmet. Dustin Reader, 14, told News 5’s Karin Johnson that he got the helmet shaved into his hair because he’s a huge fan of the football team.But administrators at Garfield Middle School were not a fan of the eighth grader’s haircut. […]