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Tropical Storm Alex has already caused flooding, mudslides, and left a few people dead in Central America over the weekend.

All eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico in fear of the further devastation this storm could mean for the coast. Moreover, officials immediately worried about the effect it could have on efforts to contain the millions of gallons of crude spewing into the northeastern part of the Gulf.

The under-sea well has been capped off and contained to a degree where some of the oil is directed to a surface ship where it is being collected or burned. Additional ships are drilling two relief wells, slated to be finished by August (which are considered the best hope to stop the leak).

It’s only rightfully scary to hear of a tropical storm or a small hurricane these days as most of the nation’s attention is primarily focused on the BP oil spill and its disastrous impact on the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, headlines are becoming even more alarming as weather updates from Belize City indicate that Tropical Storm Alex has gained strength and is on a path towards Mexico’s northeastern coast. This potentially could push oil from the massive spill farther inland.

The center of the storm is not currently expected to collide with Louisiana’s coast, but operations in the area are under watch as oil could possibly make its way much further up the coast as the storm is anticipated to become a hurricane between today and Tuesday.

To keep up with reports on the storm that has everyone on edge today, check out the updates on AOL.com and tell us what you think. This could very serious very quickly. We hope that there’s something already in motion when it comes to safety in the Gulf Coast as the rain and winds get stronger.

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