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Yet another day lost in paradise as more oil continues to billow throughout the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and its surrounding cities. The continuing BP oil spill has turned into the biggest disaster of this year and unfortunately has called President Barack Obama to the scene for a fourth time.

Obama spent the night in Pensacola, FL to manage the team of federal officials who are reportedly “gathering up facts” to ensure that BP fairly makes compensation to the citizens, employees and businesses suffering losses in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our president spoke about his hopes of having it out with top BP officials later this week about the processing of claims to guarantee they are all “dealt with justly, fairly and promptly.”

As we know, the cleanup won’t happen overnight and probably if it could, it would have by now. Obama also has initiated a seafood safety project which will guarantee that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico stays safe to eat. In addition to that, let’s all just continue pray that something is done quickly before more people have to suffer. Don’t you agree?

President Barack Obama is scheduled to address the nation live Tuesday, June 15th at 8:00PM EST with the latest on the BP oil disaster. Check back with us for updates and additional commentary on the efforts to stop the leak and any further damages in the Gulf of Mexico.

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