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When you walk by faith and not by sight, not many things get you down, because you know that no matter what when your prayers go up blessings rain down.  People that live by those principals spirit typically radiates their faithfulness which transitions into a happiness that becomes contagious and touches others, the others that God uses to be his blessing to those.

Now look at God!!

Evidence of that first paragraph fact was shown to Tanya K a waitress at Slyman’s Tavern in Independence Ohio and recent widow, when two woman gave her a tip of $2,121.21 after they the 3 bonded during the woman’s visit to Slyman’s Tavern during restaurant week.

After Tanya K served and shared with the two women customers, the time came for the women to check out, their bill came to just over $100. On their receipt, the company suggested serval gratuity levels, including a 20% tip which would equate to $19.19. However, that wasn’t enough for the two women who had just bonded over tragedies.  The women left a $2,021 tip for Tanya, bringing their total to $2,121.21. Read More


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Ohio Waitress Receives $2,000 Tip  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com

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