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The search for two missing boys in our area this morning has indeed begun. The brothers from Brown County, an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old to be exact, were reportedly under the supervision of their family babysitter just yesterday and were last seen walking away from their home around 2:00PM Wednesday afternoon.

Heavy rains, which had caused the nearby Bullskin Creek to rise several feet, quickly caught their attention. According to the police, the two boys then asked their babysitter could they go look at the water. The boys haven’t been seen since.

There are tons of questions we have this morning. First and foremost, who sends two children alone to a creek after a serious rain knowing the water is higher than normal?

For full details of the search and more on the story, feel free to visit WCPO.com and take a look at what their reporters have to say.

Cincinnati, our hearts should be broken over the news of the two boys turning up missing under the supervision of their babysitter. What are some ways we can avoid hearing stories like this or keep situations like this from happening? Parents – how do you decide who to leave your children with these days? Is it the babysitter’s fault? Do you think this type of thing happens in homes where the children are allowed to roam freely?

What are your thoughts? Share them here and discuss them with others by posting in the comments section below. We want to hear what you think of it all. Are you praying for the family of the missing children this morning? Send out positive thoughts and let us know what’s on your mind today.

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