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Mississippi Legislature Votes To Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag

Source: Tasos Katopodis / Getty

While there’s still a good possibility that the Racist-In-Chief will remain in office for another four years (or longer), Mississippi is still looking to distance itself from it’s prejudice past and has decided to ditch it’s most blatantly racist piece of history.

According to Raw Story, the people of the Hospitality State voted in a new measure which would change the state flag from that confederate battle emblem to a new banner which would feature the magnolia flower. Donald Trump and his cult of a political party isn’t gonna like that one bit.

The old flag was retired over the summer, as the US exploded with the biggest protests in decades against racism and police brutality.

The ongoing movement for racial justice in the US also prompted the removal of statues of Confederate figures, either formally removed by local governments or forcibly toppled by protesters.

The new and very much improved flag will not only bare the magnolia flower, but also have “In God We Trust” written on it. Not sure if that’s enough to keep the old school southerners of Mississippi happy but it’s worth a shot.

Though we have no designs yet of what the new flag will look like, we’re sure it’s a massive improvement over what is currently being used by white supremacists and Nazis to show their loyalty to racism.

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