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Our good friends over at The Young, Black ,and Fabulous has the scoop on the latest Barbie drama.


Kim says she went on her current promo tour to remind everybody where this Barbie movement started.  She just wants people to pay homage to the original black Barbie and not act like they created something new.

-Apparently Kim and Nicki were cool when Nicki first started out. Everything was all good until Kim got disrespected and felt Nicki took shots at her. (the reason behind Kim’s wigilicious diss last week)

Kim says she is always ready and willing to welcome new females to the rap game. And she has no problem with any and all females calling themselves “Barbie” because any “girly girl” should. But the problem comes in when she gets disrespected. She says a lot of ish went down behind the scenes that no one knows about….yet. She says it will all come out in due time.

Kim says she’s “going to teach all the girls in this game who don’t know how to be sophisticated ladies, how to be a sophisticated lady.” She says, “It’s all about respect and class.”

Listen to the interview with Kendra G. below:

…And in additional Barbie beef, Kim performed Saturday night in Baltimore as she is on promo tour. You guessed right, she brought Keys on stage for back up. The audio is low quality, but you clearly get the point with the video footage.  SMDH.  Check it out:

…In case you haven’t heard Keys’ Nicki Minaj diss (PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED!):

…Meanwhile, Nicki was performing at Boston’s Summer Jam yesterday and getting interviewed by DJ Envy:


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