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Yesterday, I was invited to Bootsy Collins’ ranch to be a part of a video shoot along with Withrow High School’s Marching Band. On the way there people drove past me riding in dune buggies, and I saw cows while big a*s bugs hit the wind shield. Basically, Sir Bootsy’s ranch was way out. I was on a quest for real y’all, but I didn’t mind it was a beautiful day, plus I had good music to roll to. So I was good.

When I finally, I arrived instantly I heard horns blowing. And of course it was WHS completing a sound check. After I parked I was instructed to go inside and it was time to start do the damn thing.

This was a serious moment so I had to suppress my excitement, but it was hard because whenever, and usually wherever there is music I can’t help but to rock to the beat. Plus the Funk Master himself, and his lovely wife Patti, invited me here to do a job so I figured I’d keep it professional. (Yeah right, lol!)

Being apart of the media, it was my duty to get footage and a recap. So I grabbed my camera and like the paparazzi I got to snapping. Withrow’s horn section of the band was on the lawn bringing all the birds out of the trees.

 It was hard not to dance because they sounded so good, but I kept it moving in order to meet the rest of the group so they would be on point when it was show time. Just before entering Bootsy’s studio, I was greeted by a few members of the Coca-Cola Chorus singing the old but familiar tune,

“I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love, Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves…”

You all know the rest, and if not, look it up. Once you hear it sung the right way it’ll be stuck in your head forever. The purpose of this session was to record the next commercial for everybody’s favorite soda. As we all know, Coke has evolved tremendously from the image of their cans to the sound of their jingles and even the look of their commercials. Just knowing that Bootsy has put his stamp on it, I knew it was going to be groovy. Not to mention the talented musicians of Withrow High School’s marching band- affectionately known as the Tigers- put it down. Throughout this memorable moment, I learned that they were hand- picked to be featured in this Bootzilla’s funkdafied Coke commercial.

What an honor it was to be there. Walking into the studio everyone was focused. The camera crew ran from one end of the room to the other. The engineers worked the board making sure every instrument could be heard with clarity. The WHS band was right in place on stage. Their band director, Mr. Wade, directed from the floor, swinging his dreads as they played their hearts out. The party was about to begin!

Again, I had to maintain my composure. I made my way across the room and to my left there was Professor Bootsy. He was sitting there proud, dancing and all smiles while watching the band play. While he jammed, I moved in and rocked with him for a few minutes then got a quick hug and continued taking pictures to capture it all.

Shortly thereafter it was time to make things happen. Needless to say it was a great evening. Of course I had to make a cameo. Congratulations to the Withrow High band on one last accomplishment rounding out the school year. Much love to the “Tigerettes” step team, and B-Chris, the choral director, for leading the Coca Cola Chorus for all of your hard work. It was wonderful to meet you all. To Bootsy and Mrs. Patti Collins, I appreciate you for inviting me to participate and share this experience on behalf of 101.1 the Wiz.

Check out the behind the scenes photo gallery below.

Once again good luck Bootsy and keep it funky baby. – Jade West



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