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Proving once again how selfless a person he is, Colin Kaepernick spent his 32nd birthday giving back to those in need in Oakland, California.

The ex-quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and his girlfriend, Nessa, walked around Tent City, handing out backpacks loaded with snacks, socks, air quality masks, clothes, and other supplies to Oakland’s homeless population, reported TMZ. The generosity was done in partnership with Kaepernick’s foundation, “Know Your Rights Camp.”

Kaepernick also paid for a taco truck to deliver food to the homeless – mirroring a move LeBron James did last week for firefighters battling the Getty Fire in LA.

And if this wasn’t enough, Colin attracted a crowd of people all wanting to take photos with the activist/philanthropist – and he obliged without blinking an eye, according to TMZ.

In 2016, Kaepernick risked his NFL career when he began kneeling during the National Anthem at NFL games to raise awareness and protest incidents of police brutality and racial inequities. After that season, no NFL team has signed Kaepernick to play – a travesty given his talent and willingness to use his platform to highlight issues impacting Black Americans.

At the time, Kaepernick said he was taking his stance because he couldn’t in good conscience “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” according to ESPN.

Many people, who view Kaepernick as a modern-day civil rights hero, have boycotted NFL games since Kaepernick was booted from playing.

Turns out, Colin is generous with his platform, money, and voice both on and off the field. Also, in 2016, TMZ reports a video was posted by, which shows Colin once again in Oakland giving back to the homeless and others in need in the community.

Just when you’re ready to lose hope in mankind, Kaepernick and James show us that there are still good people out here doing good things. We should all follow their lead.

What’s more patriotic than this?


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