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The story you are about to read will have you livid and ready to take action into your own hands.

Columbus Police released a screenshot of a video that shows a teacher holding 5 yr old Skylar upside down by her ankle. they contain ned to inform the mother that the video gets worse and even shows the teachers instructing other students to take their shoes off  and hit her with them as she balled up into a fetal position.


“I want to know why, but the same time I don’t know if I want to know of, If anything, can justify the reasoning behind what happened. I kind of what to know if this happened before. I don’t feel like this is the only time,” she says.

“Another child notified their parent and that’s how it got brought up, and if that child hadn’t said anything, we wouldn’t have known,” she says.

She feels as if it would have never come to the light kid the child never mentioned it.

Both are charged with “violating a duty of care and sitting by watching students, hit, grab, pull, and hold down the girl as a form of discipline and not preventing or stopping the assault.”

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Ohio Daycare Workers Fired For Torturing 5 yr Old  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com

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