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Cincinnati we have lost a Nati Legend!

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Civil rights pioneer Marian Spencer has died at the age of 99, according to the University of Cincinnati.

It would be difficult to suggest that anyone had a larger impact on Cincinnati’s civil rights movement than Spencer.

Spencer was just 32 in 1952 when she filed a lawsuit and led the successful fight to integrate Coney Island.

She and her own children had been turned away by an armed security guard based solely on race.

In the 70s, she led efforts to improve diversity and dramatically reduce racial isolation in our schools.

Spencer went on to become the first woman to serve as president of Cincinnati’s NAACP.

More firsts lied ahead, in 1983 she became the first black woman to serve on Cincinnati City Council where she also blazed another trail when accepting the duties of vice mayor.

Spencer’s life long commitment to civil rights included countless hours of service through boards and committees.

She remained active well into her late 90s.

In June, Marian Spencer celebrated her 99th birthday.

Tributes to her have been pouring in.

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