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Currently still riding out the success of his latest musical effort, Maxwell plans to press pause on the release of the second installment of the BlackSummersNight trilogy he promised us over a year ago. The smooth-talking, soul-singing superstar has placed a halt on the process after holding onto the idea and lengthy concept for over four years. Maxwell told reporters at Singersroom.com that the new album, intentionally titled once and broken into three segments to be released once per year, has been ready for quite some time, but he wants to deliver it when the time is right.

Well when exactly is that time going to come Maxwell? He’s not even sure himself to be honest. It makes sense though if you ask me. While he’s on tour this summer and being joined by soul music’s reigning women – both Jill Scott and Erykah Badu – on a variety of shows, Maxwell might not have wanted to gear up so quickly with a new set of material for people to get familiar with. However, since he released the first part of the series back in July of 2009, there’s no telling how long he’ll be able to extend his tour schedule or the release of additional singles from the current album.

That, of course, makes room for the life expectancy of the entire project to exceed far past its initial expectations. Will you be ready when he finally releases the project? Let us know what your favorite songs from the first step in the trilogy by posting in the comments section below. Maybe we can get some updates for you guys when Maxwell hits our area on July 7th. Speaking of which, did you get your tickets already? If not, you know where to go to get ’em – WizNation.com.

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