Before you even think about putting that payment down on Apple’s iPhone 8 or X, they are already working on something to burn a bigger hole in your pocket. Apple is working to launch a new phone that is bendable. “Mashable reports that Apple is recruiting a team that can provide its users with a foldable […]

The stereotype of what engineers are supposed to look like is quickly changing, as evidenced by the Black female engineers kicking ass at Slack, the startup behind the popular messaging platform.

When the latest iPhones came out, many people complained about them being way too big! Well now, rumor has it that Apple has heard the…


Bet you didn't know coding allows you the ability to call folks out on their BS and keep projects afloat! Yeah, learn that.

Holiday Guide

Tablets are the hottest selling gadgets out there, but with so many, which should you get? For the holidays, try giving the iPad Mini as…