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Harlem native Dave East is quickly risen in his own right as a rapper and lyricist bringing the gritty New York style back to the forefront. Dave East’s previous project “Kairi Chanel” named after his daughter, has served as a solid project talking to a lot of his personal experiences and thoughts on the come up. Dave East leaks a video from his “Slow Down” track calling on New York Based singer Jazzy Amra to add her soulful melodies to the message driven song. Dave East pushing out this kind of song brings forward a gigantic amount of awareness for the fast street life that a ton of inner city teens and young adults face when growing up. I love the real life visuals of Dave East And Jazzy Amra as they paint the picture of multiple scenarios that happen when you portray a certain image or live a certain lifestyle straight from the porch stoop. Watch the “Slow Down” video below.




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