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Earlier this week Jive artist K. Michelle took to her Twitter page to make allegations that her label head, Jive A&R and Hitz Committee CEO, Memphitz, physically abused her and was blowing her album budget on his new boo, Antonia “Toya” Carter. Neither Memphitz nor K. Michelle is saying much outside of Twitter, but a trusted BOSSIP source tells us this story is just the ugly results of mixing business with personal.

According to our source, Memphitz signed K. Michelle to Jive Records through his Hitz Committee label about a year ago.


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“He thought she was unbelievably talented, like a female R.Kelly and he wanted to make her First Lady of Hitz Committee,” the industry insider told BOSSIP exclusively.

“He was going around telling people how crazy her voice was and calling her his little sister, but she wasn’t feeling that at all. She wanted to be with him from the beginning. She kept pursuing him, telling him they could be like Jay-Z and Beyonce. He kept trying to tell her it wasn’t going to be like that, but she just wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

“He tried seeing her for a little while, but she had a really negative attitude. That girl was always complaining about something. Everything about her was negative and when Memph realized that, he told her it wasn’t going to work with them.”

Bossip’s source says things came to a head about eight months ago, when the two were at a hotel in Memphis, which is hometown for both of them.

“He told her, ‘I can’t really do this relationship thing with you’ and she started going OFF! She was throwing sh*t, throwing punches. He was trying to avoid conflict so he left and went to his family’s house.”

Our source says K. Michelle followed Memphitz to his family home in Tennessee where she continued making threats that she would ruin his career.

“It was just a mess,” the source told BOSSIP. “Her own manager told her to let it go. She’s already said all kinds of crazy stuff. Before this she was trying to tell people she was carrying his baby, so I can’t say this really surprises me.”

K. Michelle is making headlines for telling it all on Twitter. Was she right or wrong?

K. Michelle is making headlines for telling it all on Twitter. Was she right or wrong?

We asked our source if it was possible that Memphitz might have resorted to violence at all while dealing with K.Michelle.

“I can’t see him doing that, EVER. I’ve known some of the other women he has dated and he’s never had a problem with violence. When he heard what [K. Michelle] was saying he swore to me on his daughter and on his life that he has never touched a woman. He’s pretty upset about what she’s suggesting.”

The source also told BOSSIP that it’s his involvement with Toya that has made K. Michelle that much angrier.

“He loves Toya,” the insider revealed. “[K. Michelle] is angry because he won’t be with her, now he’s with this other woman and he’s happy and she can’t even get off his label. She’s talking all this sh*t about him blowing the budget, but he wouldn’t do that. He’s been in this business too long. She just doesn’t understand that she doesn’t call the shots in this situation. Memphitz and Jive get to make those decisions about what songs she sings and how the budget is spent. That’s how it works for any artist. She is not any different.”

So what do you think Cincinnati? Is K. Michelle just a basket full of drama? Should Toya end the relationship? Were Lil’ Wayne’s actions from the jailhouse a bit premature or do you think he’s just trying to protect his baby girl and her mother? Tell us what you think by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

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