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As more details are reported on the fallout from Sunday’s shooting at Club Ritz which left 21-year-old Dexter Burroughs dead on the nightclub’s dance floor, the city of Cincinnati is still searching for answers to a plethora of legitimate questions.

We’ve received word that the nightclub has paid a series of fines to settle violations of its liquor license before this past weekend’s fatal shooting. Other pending violations included underaged liquor sales, possession of illegal drugs, unsanitary conditions, tax issues and reported failure to pay the workers compensation bureau. In each case, Club Ritz has paid fines to keep its license, but its still under fire and a severely watchful eye this morning.

City council members have also vowed to shut down club while its owner, Andrew Williams, promises new security as early as this weekend including a set of full-body metal detectors, photos of everyone who enters and an exclusive members-only format for entrances into the club. The news and quick reaction has the family, who recently engaged in protests on the property of the club, in outrage simply because it appears to be too little, too late.

Yesterday afternoon, as Williams announced a press conference to further address the controversy live on The Lincoln Ware Show, photographers captured images from the press conference. We have them here below the break for you to check out now.

Now if you haven’t read the headlines, you can keep up with all that’s happening via our earlier posts about the evolving story by clicking on any of the links below. View photos, listen to the interview clips, see what’s happened up until this point in the story and read what the city has to say about all of this.

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Of course, Cincinnati hasn’t stopped talking either as the facts are being investigate. The police have yet to make an arrest connected to the death of Burroughs. Here’s what the people have been saying on our Facebook and Twitter pages since yesterday:

Natlie R.“They need to shut it down immediately.”

Tywanna C.“It’s a wrap for that club. Dude was killed inside and they’re saying they tried to pull his body outside to make it look like it happened outside.”

Michelle L.“The Ritz didn’t kill anybody!! Some punk with a gun took it upon himself to enter a business and shoot up the place and kill an individual. Everyone is mad at the Ritz, but you should be just as mad at the black on black crime and not try to destroy another black business. Just saying…”

Gerald B.“…Clubs never have nee known to pull a trigger on a handgun, people do. If they shut the Ritz down, you will just begin hearing about more shootings at The Mixx, Vitos or any other club with cowards who can’t fight.”

Michelle L.“I think Andrew Williams came up with a brilliant plan to make the club membership affiliated, meaning a record of drivers’ licences will be kept on file. I think he should fire all of his in house security and get new ones.”

Vicki B.“That’s a mess. They need to shut that place down. It ain’t like this was the first shooting and it won’t be the last! Sad thing is people still continued to there after that and they probably still will. It’s all sad.”

Cincinnati, have you been keeping up? Tell us what you think of the updates and the continued coverage by posting your thoughts, feedback and concerns in the comments section below. Do you agree with your fellow residents of Cincinnati who believe the club should be shut down for good or do you believe the city should allow the owner to move forward with his plans for new security?

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