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Are they or aren’t they…filming another season?

After their public break-up last year, T.I. and Tiny are thinking they can make reality-show lemonade out of their relationship problems. TMZ reports that VH1 execs met with producers about canceling [The Family Hustle], but the producers convinced them that the drama could bring in a huge audience.

Meanwhile, the reality stars themselves are keeping quiet for now. Tip responded by saying, “I will not confirm not deny any of that.”

Talk About It:

  • They filed for divorce back in 2016, but T.I. was allegedly trying to convince Tiny to keep him.
  • Whether or not they wind up staying together, they can get at least get one more check.
  • The suspense over whether they’ll break up for good or stay together could make this the highest-rated season yet.
  • Do you think they’re faking some of their drama — either to get a better deal or to make a better show?
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

#CouplesWeLove: T.I. & Tiny’s Undying Love Makes Us Smile
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