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If you were like me, you had to take handwriting classes, which taught you how to write legibly and in cursive. If so, it may surprise you that many teachers are not teaching this important skill as much as they use to in the past.

Now, some state lawmakers want to bring back handwriting classes to schools. Republican Reps. Andrew Brenner and Marilyn Slaby introduce legislation that would make this a required course.

If the bill was passed, it will make handwriting classes mandatory and the student would need to write legibly in standard print by third grade and cursive by fifth grade. So far 13 representatives have signed on as co-sponsors.

Do you think kids should learn how to write in cursive or do you see it as a fading skill due to technology?


Ohio Lawmakers Want To Make Students Learn Cursive Writing  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com

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