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We haven’t seen Fox Boogie in quite some time! She disappeared from the rap game for a while, had legal problems, struggled with undisclosed issues with Hov, and even publicly dealt with her hearing impairment. Sheesh! Foxy Brown has been busy in all the ways her fans weren’t necessarily looking for. Despite the lack of relevant music from Foxy, she ramains impressionable in the game. She made an appearance on The Monique Show Thursday, and things got emotional. No, real emotional! For a minute I was lost, lol. Then, I realized that the overwhelming amount of love the crowd gave her was just too much for her to contain tears. It wore me out! Lol, peep the clip below…

…Also on last Thursday Ms. Toni B. was seen out and about looking amazing. All I can say is when I get to be 40 I hope I look like Toni, Halle, Stacey Dash, or Lisa Raye! They’ve got the secret to everlasting beauty and I’m going to find out what that is! Anywho, did you peep Toni’s biker-chic fit? The boots and the leather jacket?! Absolutely stunning. Don’t know the designer, but the combination is a great look.

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