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Sometimes people believe in fighting for relationships and marriages where other get to a point where saying enough is enough. Everyone isn’t built the same, but Tammy Rivera aka Waka Flocka’s girlfriend/wife? calls women “weak” for leaving men in such situations.

Tammy Tells Bleu Bombshell:

“…So, my mom always told me– you can find a man who can financially take care of you, you can find a man who might not be a cheater, might have it all together, might of grew up with a father in their household, but it’s hard to find real love and a person who genuinely loves you and who is willing to change, my husband was willing to change for his family.

So why would I give up on my husband. I’m not that type, I think that’s weak of a woman to do that. It’s easier to walk away as opposed to than to speaking up!  No we’re going to fight for this we got married. My family is worth fighting for.” 

umm… you know social media had something to say about this right.

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I’m sure we’ll see more conversations about this on social media.

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