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Fetty Wap Super Jam 2016

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Fetty Wap had to make an appearance to court after being arrested for driving with a suspended license, having tinted windows that were too dark, and false alarm calls being made to 911.

The NJ native showed up to court with $165,000 IN CASH. I guess everyone should know money ain’t a thang when it comes to Fetty…. but what was the point.

“…He pleaded guilty to failure to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, having tinted windows that were too dark, driving with a suspended license and a charge related to police responding to his home more than twice for false alarms, according to NJ.com.

The rapper, however, told reporters he was in court for “DWB-AR: driving while black and rich.”

Fetty Wap was only fined $360 for his charges and he left the Cedar Grove Municipal Court with most of his cash still intact.”  – NYDN 

Watch the video below of how he pulled up with racks, on racks, on racks.

Not impressed. I hope he saves that money just in case he has to go back to court for “Trap Queen.” Get that full story



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