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One of the scariest things would be if the movie, “It” was based on a real story or if there was some type of killer clown on the loose.

Apparently a woman in Franklin, OH claims she had an encounter with a clown that definitely would have scared anyone.

“A Warren County woman reported being chased by a clown. She called Franklin police after she got home to her Skokiaan Drive apartment, police said Wednesday.

“I just got home from work and got out of my car — I have heard so much about this, I didn’t know this was actually true — but I just got chased by a clown up to the door of my apartment,” the caller told police.” – WCPO

Take a listen to the police call:

What would you do if YOU were chased down by a clown? This is something I DO NOT EVER want to experience. Reports have shown there have recent sightings of clowns through out the country. Recent encounters have been in Kentucky.


Be on the watch especially with Halloween coming up.


Source: WCPO

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