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39 year old Tyra C. Quinichett,was arrested Tuesday after being accused of assaulting a 3 year old child at the Tiny Toes Daycare located at 5117 Main Street.  According to ACB6 Quinichett worked there and allegedly dragged the child 25 feet by his arm.  A customer was walking by the daycare and claimed to witness the assault and called the Columbus Police to report the incident.

An onlooker posted a Facebook live video with the mother of child franticly claiming that her son was spanked by the worker.  The video also depicts two young black men getting arrested at the scene for reasons unknown and appearing to verbally harass the officers.


According to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Tiny Toes was already under investigation for prior situations including inappropriate disciplinary techniques, unsafe equipment, not enough supervisors and failure to undergo standard inspections.

As of Wednesday Quinichett had not posted a $10,054 bond after appearing in court earlier in the morning.



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