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Remember the classic album My Life? Of course you do. Well Ms. Mary’s taking it to another level. She’s about to launch a new fragrance called “My Life”.

Mary says: “I was crying out for help because I was going through so much,” she said of the period around the time of the recording, speaking exclusively to WWD on the set of the ad shoot for her scent.

“And four million women said, ‘Mary, we’re going through it, too, but you’re helping us by calling on us.’ From that day on, I began speaking truths about my life, and about their lives, and everything around us. So it’s a special tribute to us as women. My fans and I are smart now. We know we’re smart now, but we didn’t know it then. We know we’re beautiful now, we didn’t know it then. We’re educated now, we didn’t know it then. We’re soft, we’re edgy — we’re all those things. And I wanted this perfume to represent every female’s everyday life.” [Read more at Iamdomo.com]

Tell us if the new scent is something you’ll be sporting with other fragrance aficionados or fans of MJB?

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