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50 Cent & Josh Lucas Visit 'Extra'

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50 Cent has a lot to feel good about.  He finally got a buyer for a good cause and looks like they’re going to flip his old crib to an old folks home!

Remember 50 Cent’s huge mansion in Connecticut that he has been trying to sell for the last few years? One of the reasons why it became a burden, causing 50 Cent to file for bankruptcy, costing around $70k per month just to maintain!

Well according to TMZ, the home sold for 8 million dollars, 10.5 million less than 50 Cent’s original listing price almost 10 years ago.  Sad he’s getting less, but at least he can feel good that it’s finally sold and its helping out old folks.

The buyer plans to turn it into a 52 room home with assisted living for the elderly.


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