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Braids have been a go to hair-do for most women, especially with Kim Kardashian who was celebrates for being assumed as the creator of Box Braids.

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MTV UK Credits Kim Kardashian For Starting “Boxer Braids” Trend

Did Kim Kardashian Start ‘Boxer Braids’ Craze?

Aren’t those cornrows???

In this episode of ‘White-Washed America Renaming Stuff Black People Started’, a twitter account for MTV UK credited Kim Kardashian for starting the “Boxer Braids” trend. Did we miss something here???

Boxer braids aka dutch braids sure look like cornrows to us…

The article goes on to credit the reality star for setting the hair braided trend that has trickled into fashion, being worn by the likes of Hailey Baldwin and her own half-sister Kylie Jenner. This is a pretty bold assessment since black girls have been wearing cornrows for centuries. Nice try!


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