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It’s been evident from episode 1 of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that Karlie Redd’s presence on the show this time around is solely to spread everybody’s business throughout Atlanta whenever possible, but she took her messiness to another level this week.

Given that Joseline and Karlie reportedly came to blows during a charity event in Atlanta just last week, we’d guess that Karlie’s messiness is about to catch up to her sometime soon.  Let’s get started.

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Joc reveals that he’s been sleeping on the couch at Rasheeda and Kirk’s house since both KD and Sina have given him the boot from their homes. Joc talks with Rasheeda about his fall out with KD. Rasheeda tells him that he’ll never have a peaceful relationship wiht KD if he can’t cut his romantic ties with the mothers of his children. She tells him that she’s meeting with KD soon to check out a possible space for her jewelry shop. Joc asks Rasheeda to talk to KD for him when they meet.

KD and Joc later meet up and he tells her that he is sorry and sincerely wants her back. He gives her handcuffs so that she can keep him wherever she wants him as a way for him to gain her trust back.  KD asks Joc if he has slept with Sina since their break up and he doesn’t answer but insists that he’ll do whatever it takes to get KD back. She tells him that he’ll need to demonstrate that he can be faithful but says she’s not ready for him to move back in with her just yet.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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Jessica Dime reiterates that things aren’t working out with Mimi’s trial management period and goes to meet up with Dawn for some advice on how to move forward. Dawn claims Mimi spoiled her waist-training showcase by making a scene with Margeaux and Nikko, even though Dawn was the one who secretly invited them all in the first place in hopes of causing drama. Jessica says she was embarrassed by Mimi’s actions in public as her management. She says she’s over Mimi but is trying to fulfill her 90-day trial period as agreed. Dawn, of course, suggests that Jessica give HER a 30-day trial period to prove that she can do much more for her as a manger than Mimi.

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Still conflicted with her decision to lie to Ariane about the sex tape for months, Mimi pays a visit to Ariane at her new condo to make ammends after their shouting match at the fashion show. They discuss how Ariane told her from jump that she wasn’t a fan of Nikko and thought he was up to no good. Mimi agrees that she should have listened to Ariane and says she wants to answer any additional questions she might have in order to make things right. Ariane inquires as to exactly what it was that Mimi lied to her about and Mimi admits that she flat out lied about the story of the sex tape being “stolen” in the Bahamas. Ariane becomes irate when Mimi says she lied to her because she felt she couldn’t trust that she wouldn’t be judgmental about the truth. Ariane says it she didn’t care about Mimi then she wouldn’t have an opinion at all and the ladies agree not to shut each other out in the future. Mimi also lets Ariane know that Arian’e newly-established friendship with Margeaux is bothersome. Ariane reassures Mimi that she won’t allow her dealings with Margeaux to affect their friendship.

Kadeena takes Rasheeda’s advice and goes to meet with Deb Antney. She quickly explains her current home life situation to Deb and gives her a brief rundown of her career path over the last 8 years. Kaleena then explains that she ended up back in Atlanta at the advice of her husband/manager Tony after Dirty Money disbanded and admits that spending so much time at home being a songwriter led to her getting pregnant with their newborn son. Despite enjoying her time as a mother and being an accomplished songwriter, she says that she’s long felt that she should be doing more in the public eye to keep her career moving along. Deb listens intently as Kaleena explains her current situation with Tony advising her to find new management. Deb is impressed with Kaleena’s background in the industry as an accomplished singer/songwriter and agrees to manage Kaleena provided that she gets an official letter from Tony stating that he no longer wishes to manage her. Kaleena agrees to get Deb what she needs but breaks down in tears suddenly as she comes to terms with how difficult it will be to actually cut ties with Tony as her manager because of her love for him as her husband.

Kaleena later visits Tony at his club to bring him the release papers stating that he is officially no longer her manager. They get into a heated argument over her decision to seek management from Deb Antney, but he ultimately signs the papers.

Karlie Redd

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Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime have some R&R at the spa pool. Jessica says she wants to get Karlie’s take on her situation with Mimi before making the decision to move on from the possibility of having Mimi as a manager. When Jessica explains to Karlie that things aren’t working out with Mimi, Karlie suggests that maybe Dawn is the better fit for her as a manager. Karlie is surprised to learn that Jessica and Stevie have yet to even work together given Joseline’s hostility towards Jessica when Karlie last met up with her for drinks. When Jessica suggests that she’s beginning to wonder if Joseline doesn’t have something to do with why Mimi hasn’t formally introduced her to Stevie yet, Karlie spills the beans. When Karlie tells Jessica that Joseline regards her as a girl whom she used to strip with in Miami rather than a friend, Jessica reveals the true nature of their past relationship. She goes into explicit detail with a shocked Karlie Redd about how Joseline used to pay her for sex. She also gives telling details about a threesome with both Joseline and Stevie, during which she claims Stevie said he wanted to get her pregnant.

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KD meets up with Rasheeda to show her a potential space for her jewelry store and their conversation quickly turns to the men in their lives as KD is showing Rasheeda around the property. KD is both surprised and relieved to hear Rasheeda reveal that Joc has been sleeping on the couch at she and Kirk’s house for the last few days. Rasheeda fills KD in on her conversation with Joc and insists that he seems sincere about wanting to change his ways to get her back in his life. KD admits that she still loves Joc but says she is skeptical about believing that he will change his ways and be faithful to her.  In the end, she agrees to meet up with him to talk at Rasheeda’s advice.

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Ariane tries to play peacemaker again and invites both Mimi and Margeaux over to her condo for a sit down. Margeaux arrives and says she appreciates Ariane keeping an open mind about a friendship with her despite the drama between she and Mimi but doesn’t think they have much more to say to each other. Mimi attempts to hear Margeaux out about what problems she still has with her since Mimi has told her the truth about her involvement in the sex tape release, but their conversation quickly turns sour as it becomes clear that Margeaux has no desire to make peace with Mimi.  Mimi continues to calmly try to get to the root of Margeaux’s anger towards her and Margeaux becomes upset while insisting that she has no respect for Mimi and feels that she is not genuine.  She also speculates that Ariane and Mimi set her up with the impromptu meet up, not knowing that Mimi was also unaware that Ariane had invited another person. Once Ariane realizes that Margeaux is not interested in putting her beef with Mimi in the past, she promptly escorts Margeaux out of her condo.

Joseline Hernandez rezie

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Joseline and Karlie meet up for drinks. Karlie is surprised to hear Joseline confirm that she and Jessica Dime did have a  sexual relationship in the past. However, Joseline  says that Jessica Dime is nothing more than somebody whom everybody pays for sex.  Joseline also becomes angry upon learning that Jessica is running her mouth to Karlie about their history and vows to finally confront Jessica to see what it is that she wants from her.

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