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By BridgetE BlogHouse


Kimberly Denise Jones, aka Lil Kim, recently posted a selfie on her personal Instagram that made me pause and have a flashback. In my mind, I went back to the first time I had ever heard and seen Lil Kim with Junior M.A.F.I.A. She was small, pretty, and raw; giving male rappers a legitimate run for their money and truly a triple threat to female rappers, whether they wanted to believe it or not.

Although she’s a hard-core rapper, my vision was always Kim’s beautiful smile. Although life has not been her friend, she still remains the “Queen of Rap” and “Queen B,” so much so that female entertainers until this day envy and want to be the next Kim. She is loved and adored by millions, so why can’t I see her anymore?

They say with celebrity status comes scrutiny, and that just because you are a celebrity you should develop tough skin since “that’s what you signed up for,” that’s the price of fame. You should be able to handle every negative dart that is thrown your way without feeling or reaction. You don’t get a private life because you sold your soul to this imaginary subsidiary that needs to know every dirty detail of your life just so you can stay relevant.

Early life tossed Lil Kim homelessness, then handed her a rope of hope through rap music, only to have it murdered a couple of years later. While struggling through pain and anguish, she had to deal with jealousy and hate that ultimately took a smidgen of her life. Style, beauty and fashion opened another door, but time and bureaucracy was trying to slam another. Time, life, and pain can bring physical change, but your eyes should always dance the same.

However, it’s getting harder to see Kim’s real self amidst the nips and tucks she’s made to her body and face. And unfortunately, it’s as of yet unclear whether Kim is happy with the changes, the hurdles she’s overcome, and who she is today.

Check out this video of the legends Lil Kim and Patti LaBelle as they perform “Lady Marmalade” in honor of the Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary, as well as the photo gallery of Lil Kim throughout her career.

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