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Who knew that using/saying the new hit phrase “on fleek” would cause such an uproar? Instead of promoting the release of her highly awaited new single, Rebel, or promoting the season finale of her reality show, Christina Milian: Turned Up, Christina was busy taking shots from Nicki Minaj and her barbz. Things may be good now between the ‘Young Money’ artists, but a couple of hours ago it wasn’t.

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Nicki Minaj posted a caption on her Instagram about Christina Milian using the world “Fleek” on t-shirts.

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While Nicki Minaj might have been having a little jokie joke, it doesn’t seem that Milian was in a playing mood as she replied. Christina also took her venting to Twitter but it was there where the two made-up.

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No one may admit it, but I wonder who called Lil Wayne first, since those are his girls.

Nicki Minaj photo via IG; Christina Milian photo via IG.

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