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Its the weekend! When you go out, put yourself inside a bartenders shoes. Seems fun being with the ladies/guys, getting the latest juice/gossip and love the money! But Mickey Finn wants to share 15 things he hates as a bartender…

1. Waving- I will be with you in a minute

2. The celebrity who’s going faux low pro-Celeb who comes in with a low profile

3. Third Base Coaches, aka Traffic Cops

4. Bum-rushing the bar and barking out an order before you’ve been acknowledged.

5. Getting orders when my back is turned- Don’t talk to the back of my head

6. Being asked my name– So you can call me every hour

Answering personal questions

8. The wasted celebrity who papers over his obnoxiousness with oily charm-Holding staff hostage to entertain

9. S.C.L. (Stupid Cocktail Lists)

10. Making a drink from somebody else’s S.C.L

11. Bespoke cocktails-Made to measure 

12.Getting Tipped in Change-tipped in coins

13. Getting stiffed- Zero tipp

14.Receiving an explanation about why I’m getting stiffed.

For #15 and more read here:


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