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ttI’ve always adored these two. So wholesome, so cute, so real and inspirational. These sisters have made it to the front page of Ebony!

Inside the issue, the “Sister Sister” and “Tia & Tamera” stars discuss their careers in Hollywood, marriage and motherhood.

Speaking of “Sister Sister”, Tia revealed to OK! that she’d be interested in doing a movie based on the hit series and she even has a plot in mind!  She told the mag,

I would love to do Tia and Tamera go to Paris or to see where are they now. Maybe one of them’s married one’s not, one of them’s extremely successful and the other one’s struggling and she has to help the one who’s struggling. One of them has a family, the other one doesn’t. But I’m a huge fan of the Sex & The City movies and I love the way they put the girls out of their comfort zone so I would love to see that. Tia and Tamera somewhere out of their comfort zone, whether that’s traveling abroad to Morocco or Paris or Italy. Something fun like that.

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