If you’re a side chick, you know it and you’re okay with that, you have to respect the rules of the game. You can’t player hate from the sideline or interfere with interactions that affect the main. You just have to wait until you’re called in to make an all-star move. This gets tough on […]

Welp, this is definitely not going to end well.

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If you’ve still been keeping up with all of the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz on ‘Scandal,’ the season 5 promo video gives…


Did you know MJ met the first crazy bop ever. Have you ever listened to his song Billie Jean where he talks about a crazy chick blaming him for getting her pregnant. The sad part about this song is he never met the girl a day in his life. source 

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  A 67-year-old mistress who spent the last six years trying to get a retired media executive to divorce his wife and leave her alone at their Park Avenue home has filed a $2million suit against the man. James Greenwald, 88, was professionally and romantically involved with Theodora Lee Corsell while he was living with […]