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*(Via iDateDaily) – When people describe a couple’s interaction, they’ll generally say “they fight like cats and dogs” or “they’re inseparable like siamese twins.”

It’s very rare that a couple will be described as siblings. In a recent appearance on “Bethenny,” singer/actress Christina Milian talked wedding plans and love with the talk show host.

Things got a little weird when Milian told Bethenny that she and her fiancé, record label executive Jas Prince, “act like brother and sister.”

“He’s a ton of fun we are like best friends, okay this sounds weird guys don’t get grossed out but we act like brother and sister where we are kind of like catty and annoying with each other…but we get it,” she told the talk show host.

When discussing the wedding, Milian believes the wedding will be big due to her fiancé’s large family, but she also insinuated that they’re very much paying attention to the financial aspect of the ceremony.

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