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Rap has always has and will always have its detractors because of the subject matter in their lyrics. On top of the subject matter being a bit questionable, rappers tend to use disrespectful words in their music as well. In an attempt to show rapers and rap fans what we actually listen to, an agency by the name of Amusement Park, shot a video where young children rap the words to two of today’s biggest rap stars.


In the Jimmy Smith II and Jarrel Smith-directed clip, young children recite the lyrics to 2 Chainz‘s “Birthday song” and Rick Ross‘ verse from the controversial “U.N.E.N.O. Remix.” Ross’ verse on the song talked about putting mollys in a girl’s drink and taking her home and enjoying her without her knowing. His verse caused him to lose an endorsement with the Reebok shoe company. 2 Chainz’s song is all about big booty hoes and such.

In a recent interview with, the directors said, “We just wanted to hold up a mirror to the types of messages we pump into our heads all day. We hope this film pushes some of our favorite, super-talented artists to push themselves toward more honest and balanced art. Not cleaner or censored, but honest. If rappers rapped about Hot Wheels and ice cream on every song it wouldn’t be honest, either. But if you have 12 songs about money, where are the songs about the things money does not fix? Nobody is perfect, but as creatives we can always be honest. Honesty–it’s what makes truly great art, great.”

Check out the video below. How does this make you feel?



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