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“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

I would like to say congratulations to all the graduates of Fall 2013! This time last year I shared the same moments some of you shared yesterday, today, and will share this month! After graduation, I learned many things. Things I wish I knew while in college. I would like to share them with you in hopes that they will help you as you embark on this new level in your life!

1. Live Your Life, Don’t worry about what others think. You must follow your own heart. Do what you feel is best for YOU, you can’t make everyone happy. Make every moment count because you only live once. Don’t be afraid to Stand Up For Yourself!

2. Don’t Take ANYTHING for granted.As Amy Cammels states in her blog “10 things I Learned The Year After I Graduated you must “Make The Most of now”. Cherish every moment. Things may seem hard and you may be frustrated about how things are going but keep your eye on the prize and stay focus the moment is only temporary. There is no test without a testimony!

3. You must pray! Mediation is the Key. Prayer has saved my life. It is very important to have time to yourself to reflect and be still! Focus on God and get to know yourself.

4. Surround yourself with positive people and people with similar values. You do not have time to be around people that hold you back from your destiny. Everyone isn’t meant to be in your life forever, don’t let people outlive their season. You must have a strong support system. You deserve nothing less!

5. Be patient, take your time! “Good things come to those who wait” “Nothing comes easy.” Prepare for your purpose! Do not complain, but be thankful always.

6. You determine your own success! People can give you advice all day long but no one knows what best for you than you! If you want something, YOU have to work for it. You can’t expect someone to do something for you that you will not do yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your journey was long or short, what matters is that you NEVER gave up and you FINISHED! Keep pressing on because your work is not done yet, this is just the beginning. Enjoy every moment of this day because you deserve it. Good Luck in your future endeavors, and remains faithful because you WILL reap if you DO NOT GIVE UP!

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