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With her compilation Saint Heron in stores this week, Solange stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez on Wednesday. Rocking long braids, the 27-year-old singer dished on her new music, motherhood, and the time she had to call Beyoncé to scare off a bully.


Now a part-time resident of New Orleans, Beyoncé’s little sister is able to maintain a low profile in her new home.

“I actually blend very well because there are some characters in New Orleans that will literally be in a metal tin man outfit walking down the street,” said Solange.

Being Bey’s sibling has its privileges. She recalled using her “Knowles card” to thwart off a bully in high school. Around the time “No, No, No” was a hit, she called on Beyoncé and Kelly to help her handle the situation.

“They were coming to beat him up, but it was Destiny’s Child coming to beat him up,” she said.

To get into a bar or club, she also admitted that she has pulled up Wikipedia to prove her age. “I didn’t feel good about it at all,” said Solo.

While her nine-year-old son Daniel Julez comes from a family of privilege, she makes sure to keep him grounded. “I really limit what he can have access to,” she said.

The “Losing You” singer moved to New Orleans to raise her son, and admits that a spanking every now and then keeps him disciplined. “It’s like twice, three times a year, and he remembers it,” she said.

Julez is already showing signs of musical ability and is writing his own raps. “Hov said he has some potential,” said Solange of her brother-in-law Jay Z. “[Julez] takes the Eminem approach, as many words as he can put into one bar is the goal—very fast, a lot of syllables.”

Plus, watch her explain the title of her new album in the full interview below.



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