Dime Time Fashion Picks: “Sport the Short” DJ Dimepiece says its The Fall/Winter New Look!

 The fall is upon us and the winter is right around the corner.  As we continue to make fashion transitions with the seasons, that does not exclude keeping up with the hottest hair styles and do’s!  

When we think of the cold and brisk weather, we automatically think to run to sweaters, coats, boots and gloves to cover up.  Just because its cold, it does not mean you can’t Sport the Short while covering up to stay warm!  Be bold my Dime Time Diva Fashionistas

Take a look at a fellow bold Dime Time Diva Fashionista, Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham spiced up her life with a sassy new ‘do, which she debuted at a Lakers game late last week. Loves it!

Love it! Its Dime Time Baby!  xoxo


-DJ Dimepiece

“The Mixin’ Vixen”

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