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Jordan and Robin Jeter met earlier this year at a high school track meet in Washington, D.C., after someone on the team noticed how much they looked alike. From that point on, they’ve been best buds.

“Every weekend we go over each other’s house,” says Jordan.

“I come up here almost every day,” Robin told WUSA- in an interview.

Jordan, a junior at Wilson High School, was adopted shortly after her birth. Robin, a senior at Friendship Collegiate, was shuttled from her biological mother, to foster care, to a legal guardian. For 17 years they lived in the same city, played some of the same sports, but never met.

“At first I didn’t know I had any siblings,” said Robin. “As time went on, I only knew I had one sibling, I didn’t know I had anymore.”

At the track meet in January, “my team was like, she looks just like you,” said Jordan. The two talked briefly at the meet and once Jordan found out Robin’s last name was Jeter she started crying.

“I had already known about my adoption and I knew my last name was Jeter,” said Jordan.The girls subsequently spent time chatting on the phone.”I asked her, what’s your mother’s name on your birth certificate, what’s her birthday, what does your birth certificate say at the bottom,” says Robin.

Jordan laughed. “I was like, what is this an interrogation?”she said.

“I was so anxious to know more about her,” says Jordan. “Where did she go to school, how old she was, what is she like.”

It turns out that they had much in common: same shoe size, same double jointed thumbs, they even sound alike.

“People can’t even tell us apart on the phone,” says Robin. “We’re always just playing around with people on the phone.”

While the interaction is now mostly on the golly-gee stuff, more serious issues lie ahead.

“I think we should try to find more of our siblings,” says Jordan. Thus far, four of the siblings have been found and as they continue the search, Robin and Jordan can now do it together.

“It’s been so long I just feel like I’ll never be apart from her,” says Jordan.

What an incredible story. We wish the girls luck in the future, it definitely won’t be easy to navigate all the different circumstances their newfound family members bring with them. Sounds like their mom had quite a rough life.

Hopefully Jordan’s Mother’s Day meeting with her went well!


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