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We wonder why other former Bad Boy artists haven’t attempted this? Apparently Diddy is not even a concern for some of the original members of Danity Kane!  Aubrey O’DayShannon BexDawn Richard and  Aundrea Fimbres are back together and have found love under new management!

They ran in to TMZ’s cameras and upon being asked about Diddy their response was,

“Who is that?”

Doh! Check it out!

Their group Danity Kane, was put together as a result of the MTV show “Making Da Band”. On the show, Diddy put artists through grueling auditions week after week. Finally after all of the tests and tasks were accomplished, he picked finalists who would later became a real group with a record deal on Bad Boy.

However, Diddy went from Making Da Band to firing da band, well all of the girls except for Dawn Richard anyway. He would  later put her in another group called Diddy Dirty Money. Come to think of it, we don’t know what happened with them either! But, we digress.

There could be legal issues if Diddy decides to throw a fit about them using the name Danity Kane, but the girls don’t even seem to care about that!

Tons of rumors  have been going on for years about what lead to the demise of this group, and none have ever been confirmed to our knowledge. But it could get really interesting really soon if for some reason Diddy decides to care about them being back together. We have no predictions at all over here. We learned a very long time ago, when it comes to Diddy, one must expect the unexpected. For all we know he won’t even blink at this reunion. But on the other hand…We’ll definitely have to stay tuned to this one!


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