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On Tuesday night, Young Jeezy and his Mob Squad lit up Madison Square Garden during the Blueprint 3 Tour stop.

“It’s not a rap concert; it’s a show,” Jeezy said just hours before the performance. “Me and Jay sat down and talked about it. That was the whole thing: ‘Let’s give them a concert, not just a rap show.’ It’s been working out that way. From start to finish, it’s a whole show. Trey [Songz], me, Jay — from start to finish, it flows. It’s kinda crazy, ’cause we got the same type of fans. It’s not awkward. You could be on tour with somebody, you see Jeezy and Black Eyed Peas, it’s like, ‘What the hell?’ ”

Young just put out the first record from his Thug Motivation 103 album, “Lose My Mind.” The record features Plies and debuted in a live performance Saturday during the Blueprint 3 Tour stop in Atlanta.

“To keep it all the way 100 with you, we did a record called ‘So Sad,’ ” Jeezy said about how he got with Plies. “Before I could put it out, the record leaked, so we was good on that. Then I was gonna do a record for him [for his album]. I did the record, by the way, but I had ‘Lose My Mind.’ I done three verses. I listened to it a couple of times. I said, ‘Let me try something. I’mma put somebody on the record.’ I was doing a joint for him at the time and happened to see him. We was doing something for [NBA] All-Star [Weekend]. I was like, ‘Yo, I’mma get you this record, see if you like it.’ He sent it right back. I went with it. Just to warm up the streets, let them know I’m coming.”

Jeezy said he decided to premiere the song in front of the crowd at the Philips Arena on Saturday to let them know that he has something concrete done and the album is coming soon.

“It was new, so it was cool. But everybody was like, ‘When is TM103 coming out?’ But it’s like the block: I ain’t gonna put it out there unless it’s rock, unless it’s hard, unless it’s right,” he explained. “I wanted to get in the kitchen, in the lab, and do my thing and put it out when it’s time. I’m ready now. It don’t stop there. It’s go time.”

Young described “Lose My Mind” as a quick snapshot of his nightlife.

“To me, it’s my life,” Jeezy said. “That’s how I feel sometimes when I go out. If you listen to me, I said it a few times: ‘Lost my mind and my cell phone in the same night.’ No two days are the same. … I been partying my whole life. That’s how you feel the next day. You killed them, and you left. You was looking good, shining good, there’s no limit to what you can have in the club. That’s how it’s been for us before music. ‘Lose My Mind’ is doing what the hell I wanna do in the club. If it’s 100 bottles of rosé, if it’s 40 bottles of Belvedere, if it’s all the kush in the world. I’mma do what I wanna do. When I leave there, I don’t wanna remember nothing. I just wanna wake up and do the same thing again. That’s what ‘Lose Your Mind’ is about. You gotta have life your way. If you ain’t losing your mind, you ain’t partying right.”

Young said his album will drop sometime in June. And, of course, we’ll get his mixtape, Trap or Die 2 with DJ Drama, sometime before that.

“The date we originally wanted to go with, it didn’t work for neither one of us. It’s cool, though, because we never rush things,” Jeezy said about the mixtape’s delay. “Once we get through all the politics, I think the streets will have that.”

The Snowman did promise to keep leaking songs from the mixtape in the interim

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