All my reality TV show fans! I know you will be in front of your tube TONIGHT as I will be for “Gossip Games” and “Master of the Mix.”

Gossip Games, new series that follows the hard-working women covering New York City’s hip hop beat. Featuring my personal favorite Ms.Angela Yee of Power 105.1, K Fox of Hot97, Kim Osorio-Editor-In Chief of the Source Magazine, Sharon Carpenter of Global Grind, Jas Fly-freelance writer of and Ms.Drama-media personality online radio. Take a look:

Also tonight, Master of the Mix with DJ Kid Capri who was just here Saturday for our Anniversary Party and one of my favorites our former Wiz jock DJ Dimepiece along with some top DJ’s from all over.  Take a look:

Can’t wait! Tune into for more info and watch tonight!


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