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If you are a reality show fan like me I know we ALL felt bad for Yandy on Love and Hip Hop..She opens up to bossip.com about her man’s jail time…

Yandy Talks About Mendeecess’s Incarceration

via VH1 reports:

Vh1: How are you holding up?

Yandy: You know, it’s a hard situation, especially when you don’t have any answers yet. It’s kind of just a waiting situation to see what this is all about, and that’s the hardpart – the unknown is the hardest part.

VH1: It has to be tough. You’re recently engaged. One minute you’re in pre-wedding bliss then you’re hit with this news.

Yandy: Yeah, it’s hard. It’s absolutely hard. It’s hard when you kind of see your life flash before you. I know the life that we live together which has been like a storybook, like a fairytale with ups anddowns of course, butit’s been good, and the love has been good, so for something like this to happen and to happen now, it’s like, “Ugh, why!” And you know you read about it with all the articles everywhere talking about the engagement. This case is from all these years ago. It’s just like, why now? You know? That’s just how I feel, like, why now of all times?

VH1: Are you putting everything wedding related on hold?

Yandy: Oh yeah, absolutely.

VH1: How do you keep your mind occupied so you’re not worrying and sad about him not being there with his sons?

Yandy: Well, you know I go through spurts, especially at night. I just keep busy. Like I told you, I haven’t had a day off, so I don’t even know if I’ve really soaked up what’s happening in my life because I’ve just been so busy. We both were busy during the day so it really hits me at night when I come home and I’m with the boys in the house, that’s when it’s like, “Aww, dag.” But I’m really faithful and hopeful that this situation will be cleared up and he’ll be back with us soon.

Do you think Yandy is being a ride or die loyal woman or just one big ol’ dummy waiting on her locked up boo?? I hope so, thats real love!

Read more at http://bossip.com/750456/ride-or-die-yandy-opens-up-about-her-aint-isht-baby-daddy-mendeecees-harris-facing-20-years-in-prison-on-federal-drug-charges/#2PSj3BPtpAzHzTPI.99


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