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One of my FAVORITES Ms. Lauren London talks The Game! 

In our exclusive interview, London opens up about acting, moving to Atlanta and her co-stars.

What is it like to be the new kid on a show — do you feel nervous?

You know, I was initially. But not as much anymore. I’m just trying to do my best, and I hope people see that. It’s a lot of responsibility trying to get more people into the show, not less. But I think this new cast, we all blend really well together, and I think it’s going to go in our favor.

You play a former child star trying to reinvent herself as a serious actress. Any parts of your character you relate to personally?

Well, I was 18 when I got into the business so I wasn’t exactly a child star, but I think we can all relate to having to deal with change in life. Her journey is that she was once very successful, and now the ground beneath her is shaken up a bit. For me, being on this show, moving to Atlanta, it’s all new. But in a good way.

What’s it like shooting in Atlanta, and being on a TV shooting schedule?

It’s more challenging than anything. I’m very comfortable at home where I live. I’m just that girl who doesn’t like to move around. So moving to Atlanta and shooting every day, it was like boot camp — actors boot camp. But you know, it really stretched me out as a performer. To work that much every day, just be thrown into it. Now I can go into auditions and meetings with a confidence I didn’t have before.

Is there film work in your future?

Yeah, I have a film coming out this year with Paula Patton called Baggage Claim. That was an amazing experience. I’m auditioning for more films now. I really love that medium, I love everything about it. You never know what scenario you’ll be in. You could meet a guy on set, and a few hours later you have to act like you’re in love with him. It’s exciting.

Which of your co-stars would you say has the most actual game?

Hosea [Chanchez]! He’s a big, big flirt.

You have a little boy, Cameron Carter, who’s 3 years old. Has it been difficult balancing motherhood with your career?

Not at all, no. He travels with me all the time. He knows mommy needs to work. I just make sure he’s my first priority, and that he knows what I do is for us.


The Game premieres on Tuesday, March 26 at 10 p.m. for more log on to BET.com


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